Case Study

Revolutionising Shareholder Management for a Global Sustainable Infrastructure Investor

At Excel in Property, we thrive on solving complex financial challenges, and our recent collaboration with a leading global investor in sustainable infrastructure exemplifies our commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Client Overview:

Managing an impressive $12.73 billion in assets across more than 50 countries, our client faced a daunting task— navigating a convoluted shareholder structure that made calculating allocations, redemptions, and dividends a Herculean effort.

Challenges Faced:

The intricate shareholder network posed a significant obstacle, leading to hours, and even days, spent on updating calculations. Furthermore, the lack of a clear view of future redemptions hindered effective communication with stakeholders.

Our Solution:

The CFO, having previously experienced our expertise, approached Excel in Property for a transformative solution. We conceptualised and implemented a highly flexible shareholder model, offering real-time insights into individual shareholdings and forecasting future redemptions. This bespoke tool streamlined the entire process, saving not only hours of work each month but also resolving a critical $160,000 error in the client's initial calculations.

Key Features:

Flexibility: Our model allows for instantaneous updates, enabling stakeholders to adapt to changes seamlessly.

Precision: Predictive features offer stakeholders a clear view of future redemption payments, enhancing decision-making.

Error Detection: During implementation, we identified and rectified a significant calculation error, preventing potential financial setbacks.

Long-term Benefits:

Our client is now equipped with a tool designed for longevity. The shareholder model requires minimal external input, empowering the client to operate independently for years to come.

  • Streamlined calculations, saving our client days of work every month.
  • Enhanced precision in forecasting and communication with stakeholders.
  • Prevention of a $160,000 error, ensuring financial integrity.


Our Shareholder Model is more than a solution; it's a strategic advantage. As financial innovators, we continue to empower our clients to thrive in dynamic markets.

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