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Real Estate Investor Discounted Cash Flow

Debt: Loans & Covenants

Equity: Waterfalls & Promotes

Analysis: Scenarios & Sensitivies

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16th January 2024


But that's not all, You'll also get:

4 templates including done for you Tenant Gantt chart and promote graph

An additional lesson on how to model a make whole

12 months access to monthly hot seat calls

3 months access to our CPD membership

At Excel in Property, we're not just experts. We're your mentors, guiding you through the property industry's intricacies. Our courses don't just teach; they inspire and shape leaders in the real estate realm.

Our courses are based on more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry working with investors and advisors across all sectors.
We've honed everything we've learnt into these courses and support network to help you Excel in Property.

Get all 4 courses for £1,997

More About the Courses

Real Estate Investor Discounted Cash Flow

Support programme — 6 weeks

Course length — 30 hours

Course level — Beginner to Intermediate

The Investor: Discounted Cash Flow course is a game-changer, masterfully blending property knowledge and financial modelling skills.

It's a comprehensive journey where we solidify your understanding of Excel, Valuation, and Real Estate basics, then meticulously guide you to construct a versatile multi-let single-asset model, and later to convert it into a portfolio model.

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Debt: Loans & Covenants

Support programme — 2 weeks

Course length — 2 hours

Course level — Beginner to Intermediate

Our Debt: Loans & Covenants course is your deep dive into the world of debt finance, equipping you with the skillset to model diverse loan terms effectively.

With expert guidance, we help you build various loan terms, create a leveraged cash flow, and craft models for Loan Covenants and Cure Accounts.

By the end of this course, you'll possess the skills to model, interpret, and negotiate complex debt terms, and sit our Debt Modelling Test.

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Equity: Waterfalls & Promotes

Support programme — 4 weeks

Course length — 4 hours

Course level — Beginner to Intermediate

The Equity: Waterfalls & Promotes course unveils the intricacies of complex capital structures and teaches you how to expertly model and analyse them.

We instruct you on constructing a multi-tiered IRR and Equity Multiple Waterfall, both in a Pari Passu and Catch Up framework, and presenting it visually.

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Analysis: Scenarios & Sensitivities

Support programme — 2 weeks

Course length — 2 hours

Course level — Beginner to Intermediate

Analysis: Scenarios & Sensitivities is the training course that demystifies the essentials behind scenarios and sensitivities and equips you with the skills to model them.

We illuminate the most pertinent metrics for sensibility analysis in Real Estate investment opportunities, explore different scenarios, educate you on building single-input and double-input data tables, and delve into interpreting your findings.

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Get all 4 courses for £1,997

How does it all work?

Excel in Property presents three strategies for your peak performance.

Online Learning

Our courses are designed to be studied at your own pace, through videos, workbooks and homework. Access the online training, anywhere in the world, from any desktop or mobile device.


To help you succeed, we’ll be with you every step of the way through monthly hot seat calls, Q&As, and our online community.

Expert Knowledge

Not only are you being taught by real life analysts, we’ve also teamed up with industry experts so that you can learn how to apply your knowledge to real world situations.

Good Analysts are Hard to Find

Great ones? Even harder.

We get it. We’ve been in the industry for over 17 years combined. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the outright ugly! We’ve seen employers struggle to find decent talent, we’ve seen analysts not getting jobs or promotions, we’ve seen investors making serious decisions on models riddled with mistakes.

And it’s time this all came to an end. It’s time to elevate your potential with Excel in Property.

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Why choose Excel in Property?

Our Real Estate Analyst Course is CPD accredited.

  • Our courses are based on over 20 years of real-life Real Estate Analyst experience, working in private equity and across all asset classes.
  • Valuation module taught by FRICS Red Book Valuer.
  • Lucy, EiP’s founder, is currently writing the RICS practical application guidance for Discounted Cash Flows (due out in Jun-24).
  • Based on experience of modelling £1.63bn worth of investments, managing £401m of debt, and transacting £620m of real estate acquisitions.
  • At the end of the course you will have a fully functioning model which you can start using straight away to analyse investment opportunities.
  • Your knowledge level at the end of the course will be equivalent to 2+ years work experience as an analyst.
Are your courses CPD accredited?

All of our courses proudly wear the CPD accredited badge.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

They're yours for life! Once you sign up, the portal opens its doors, offering you pre-recorded training videos and workbooks. However, the main support programme and Modelling Test is time-bound, so we recommend you complete the course during this period to get the most out of your training.

Who are the teachers?

Sorry, we didn’t want to bore you with introductions! You can find out more about us here.

When can I attend the live sessions? What if I miss them?

We'll update live session timings on the portal as per our own and our experts' availability. Can't make it to a session? No worries, all teaching sessions are recorded and uploaded to the portal for you to catch up on afterwards.

How will I receive support during training?

You can join our monthly hot seat calls where you can ask us questions or listen and learn from other people's questions. You'll find the link and dates of the hot seats within the community portal. Got questions outside the hot seats? Fire away in the portal, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Should I take this course just to improve my Excel skills, even if I'm not interested in property?

Our courses indeed polish your Excel prowess. Jump into our Real Estate Investor: Discounted Cash Flow course, where we kickstart your journey with a tailored Excel module. From basic spreadsheet navigation to mastering nested functions, we've got you covered. Bear in mind, though, that this course zeroes in on sharpening your Excel skills specifically for modelling property transactions. As for our other courses, while they do offer a sprinkle of Excel instruction, they work best when you're already equipped with a foundational knowledge of the tool.

When do I get access to the courses?

When you sign up to our Ultimate Bundle you will get access to all four courses straight away. If you have signed up during a special launch then we'll be in touch separately about your bonuses.

My company is going to pay for me to do the course – is there a fact sheet or more information I can share with them?

You can access a fact sheet with some more information about all of our courses here. If you or your company has any additional questions, then please send us an email to and we’d be happy to help!

I see an elephant in the room, can you explain?

What elephant? Oh, you mean Elliot! He's our cheerful mascot, showing up throughout your training. Keep your eyes peeled for Elliot during the courses or live sessions, as spotting him can win you exciting prizes. Elliot is our way of adding a pinch of fun to the learning experience. Irrelephant, you say? We think not! Elliot is here to ensure that your experience with Excel in Property is truly unforgettable.

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